Our humble story of how we became Alpha Leather Co.

As a child growing up I had a great passion for creating. I would build things out of wood, metal, and leather and I would fix anything broken that crossed my path. I always strived to use the best materials possible, knowing that I wanted my work to last. In college, I studied Engineering and Design and when I finished with my schooling we began our family run shop in New York City. I had one goal, to create reliable leather goods. Products that would be a pleasure to use and would last a lifetime.
We achieve this by using the best quality materials available today. When you hold any of our authentic products in your hand you will feel the good old fashioned craftsmanship that goes into every stitch. The way things used to be made, with soul. Products that will make you want to go out and travel, live new adventures. We keep pushing our limits by designing the most innovative, convenient, and long lasting products. Each of our handcrafted products have a unique natural grain pattern that gets even more beautiful with wear. For us the customer always comes first, and we are so confident about our quality that we guarantee our leather products for life. Therefore, the name Alpha Leather Co. is fitting. Alpha, “Leader of the Pack”. We lead in quality, craftsmanship, and customer loyalty. This is our passion, this is our promise.

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